Circuit Bending : Modifying toys to create new sounds

Yecid Ortega will be publishing everything related to his his experiments in circuit bending.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Noise Machine

La maquina del ruido :
Insane noise machine, former taper recorder voice changer. Turn any knob and make some noise.

Darth Vader in disguise

It was a Darth Vader voice changer now it is just in disguise by Syd-cuid bending.

Matraca Noise

This thing is called " matraca" in my country. I put a contact mic so you can run it through effect pedals and get weird sounds.

Fatale Sheker box

Shaker box with glass beads inside .Designed exclusively for Fatale HNW artist

Altoids shaker box

Shaker box 1 in Altoids mints box

My word Shaker box

shaker box 2 on a card game box with glass beads inside.

Doublemint Spring Box

Springs outside...noise inside

Juicy Fruit Box

A spring in this tin box...juicy.............

Spearmint Box

a spring in this tin box...spearmint style...